Give your brain a standing ovation.

The future of neuro-science is here.


Take your brain to new heights.

The future of neuro-science is here.


Enhance performance. Leaps and bounds.

The future of neuro-science is here.


Turn up your brain.

The future of neuro-science is here.


The Shrink Neuro

Get more out of your body,
by getting more out of your brain.

Using a number of proprietary Cognitive Performance Enhancement techniques, our specialised team at The Shrink Neuro work with Professional Athletes, Musician and Artists as well as Academics, Executives and Performers from every field of endeavour, to fast-track skill development, improve speed and accuracy, and increase physical and cognitive strength and endurance.

What  does Cognitive Performance
Enhancement (CPE) actually do?

Improves Physical &
Cognitive Performance

Studies validate that cognitive function is able to predict future sporting achievement. Additionally, evidence supports the benefits of Cognitive Performance Enhancement (CPE) for athletes, musicians, CEO's, artists and scientists and others.

Enhances Skills,
Focus & Ability

Using proprietary scientific methods, we help individuals improve their skill level in any field of pursuit. By understanding how your brain functions, you can develop better practices. Increase your focus and accelerate your learning curve.

Develops Speed,
Accuracy & Response Time

Traditionally there has always been a tradeoff between speed and accuracy. As one increases, the other generally decreases. CPE helps individuals develop both speed and accuracy, without these tradeoffs.

Wondering if CPE is right for you?

Better Than Your Best.

Shatter personal bests. Improve speed, accuracy and response time. Increase physical strength and endurance. Use your brain to get the best out of your body.

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Everyone’s a Virtuoso.

Have you ever dreamed of a standing ovation? The Shrink Neuro™ can help you significantly improve your speed, accuracy, response time, muscle memory and motor skills. Focus more clearly. Learn faster. Perform better. Your stage awaits.

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Lead When it Matters and Perform When It Counts.

Improve clarity of thought and focus for complex strategic and creative thinking. Increase personal strength and endurance. Improve speed and accuracy.

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Break Through Performance.

From the dance floor to the stage. Be at your best when it counts the most. Increase Speed and accuracy. Improve strength and endurance. Take your skills to new levels. Use your brain to get the best out of your body.

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Michelin Star Performance.

We know the kitchen is a high performance environment. CPE helps you increase speed and accuracy. Improve focus and endurance, and excel at real high pressure cooking. Unlock your brain to get the best out of your body.

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Still wondering if you'll benefit from CPE?

Answer these 5 simple questions and get ready to power up!

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