Why should I choose the Shrink Neuro to enhance my cognition?

Our mission is to help people achieve more. We don’t just want to maintain status quo, we want to see you live an enhanced life, and we can help you achieve this. The Shrink Neuro clinical team use gold-standard evidence-based practices. The staff insist on keeping abreast with new information by engaging in professional development and peer supervision. Our specialised team at The Shrink Neuro embrace a person-centred approach by helping individuals understand their brain health, improve performance and help take their cognitive and functional capabilities to new heights.

What do Neuro assessments involve?

We at The Shrink Neuro utilise an array of evidence-based cognitive assessment tools to ensure our clients have the highest standard of psychometrically sound assessments and results.

Our specialised team at The Shrink Neuro embrace a person-centred approach and understand the importance of clinical assessments in helping our clients enhance their performance and cognitive capacity. 

We follow an easy 5 step process for our Neuro assessments:

1. Information gathering: Interview with client
2. Assessment: Individual assessment in clinic
3. Report development & summary: Assessment outcomes and recommendations are documented as a report
4. Feedback & results session: An individual session with clinician and client to discuss results and tailored recommendations for the client.
5. Targeted intervention: Discipline-specific and tailored interventions to enhance performance and cognitive capacity.

What if just want improve my brain power?

Using a number of proprietary Cognitive Performance Enhancement techniques, our specialised team at The Shrink Neuro work with Professional Athletes, Musician and Artists as well as Academics, Executives and Performers from every field of endeavour, to fast-track skill development, improve speed and accuracy, and increase physical and cognitive strength and endurance.

What Service delivery options are available?

The Shrink Neuro understand that our client’s needs are all unique and may therefore require various options of service delivery. These can include face-to-face in clinic sessions located in Tweed Heads, Palm Beach, Robina, Tweed Heads South and Brisbane.